St. Joseph, MO

Seaboard Energy Missouri began production in October 2016, using distillers corn oil as well as other regionally sourced feedstocks. The plant uses an enzymatic process featuring a distillation column to produce clear, low-cloud biodiesel. Its annual production capacity is 30 million gallons.


Quality Commitment

The goal of Seaboard Energy is to produce the highest quality biodiesel fuel, focusing on exceeding our customers’ expectation and providing complete customer satisfaction. We comply with all requirements as a BQ-9000 Producer as described by the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission, exceed the requirements of ASTM D6751 specifications and are aligned with the National Biodiesel Board recommendations.

Seaboard Energy Missouri:

5701 Stockyards Expy

St. Joseph, MO 64504

Phone: 816-238-7928


St Joseph Rail Addresses:

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UP Lease Track 04 004

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Transport 360 LLC

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