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Environmental Health & Safety

Safety is not just a priority but is non-negotiable; it is a core value that guides our decision-making processes at every level.

We believe that a safe workplace is essential for the health, happiness, and productivity of our workforce, and it is our responsibility to provide a safe environment where everyone can thrive. We are also convinced that process safety goes hand in hand with reliability, productivity, and good environmental stewardship of our operations. We maintain robust safety management systems, provide the necessary resources, and with a strong focus continually improve our safety practices to ensure that every person returns home safely to their loved ones at the end of each day.

– Peter Rosenthal, President and CEO

Seaboard Energy, LLC sites in Guymon, Oklahoma and Madera, California went 365 days with no recordable injuries in the year of 2023. Zero is possible!

Our Commitment

At Seaboard Energy environmental, health and safety are a part of our core values, and we’re committed to providing workplaces where everyone can perform at their best, free of injury/illness, process safety incidents and environmental incidents.

Environmental Health & Safety Policy

Just as we strive to be an industry leader in producing renewable fuels, following best-in-class operating practices, we are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees.  To that end, Seaboard Energy has developed a Seaboard Energy EHS Management System. 

The commitments of the EHS Management System include:

  • Maintaining a corporate and local level leadership team to steer the overall process;
  • Providing professional safety resources across all organizational levels;
  • Maintaining compliance with all federal, state, local laws, and Seaboard Energy corporate safety and environmental requirements;
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for all workers affecting safety and environmental performance, and measuring adherence to those responsibilities through performance reviews;
  • Conducting initial and ongoing risk assessments that identify control measures;
  • Developing management plans, processes, and procedures that utilize the hierarchy of controls for the timely abatement and reduction of hazards;
  • Promoting active participation of all workers within the ongoing delivery of the EHS Management System through training, awareness of potential hazards, auditing, continuous improvement processes, and evaluations.
  • Developing measurements and auditing systems to ensure standards of performance are being achieved and opportunities for improvement are identified.
  • Involving senior and local level management in the on-going development of the EHS Management System.
  • Continuously improving the EHS Management System using information gathered through the implementation of our safety systems and programs, audits, and performance reviews.


Every Seaboard Energy worker must comply with the requirements specified in the EHS Management System.


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